Wednesday, April 14, 2010

For Sale

Some of you may not know, but we have orders to England. We decided to put our house on the market a little early for a couple reasons, but mainly to try to catch those prospective buyers taking advantage of the $8000 tax break (and we'd have to be under contract by the end of April to qualify). Unfortunately Eric was deployed, so that part of the timing wasn't good, but God made everything work out perfectly!!! The first day it was on the market we got a full-priced offer!!! As part of our counter, we requested to rent the house until late July when we leave. He accepted! The only minor glitch is that he can only rent to us for 60 days (at that point it's considered an investment property and I guess FHA loans don't cover that). So now (sniffle sniffle) we'll just have to find a place on the beach to rent for a month :) We have such a BIG God!! We close in exactly one month, and we have such mixed emotions. We're grateful that in this market we don't have to worry anymore about our house selling, we don't have to maintain the house in "showing" order (keeping the house that clean with two kids is nearly impossible), and we don't have to be concerned about strangers walking through our house. The hard part about selling will be that we just LOVE this house! We've (literally) put in a lot of sweat and tears to get it where it is today. And of course the fact that we've had two children here! Change can be so scary sometimes, but God has made this process easy so far. We're really looking forward to the opportunities that await us....

The house looks so weird with the "for sale" sign in front of it!!!

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