Monday, April 12, 2010

Random Shots

Here are some miscellaneous pictures as I try to get caught up on my posting.

It's been so nice outside lately, that we put Aine in "Leah's" swing for the first time. She could take it or leave it...

Becky snapped this picture of Aine at the park the other day. I'm surprised I had a hat that fit her head :)
I think we all enjoy a little shot of baby heinie now and again...
I asked Leah to get her shoes on so we could go out on the swing. Apparently swinging apparel consists of a snow hat, a purse and a stuffed turtle...but no shoes! Who knew?
Aine chewing on a toy that was Eric's when he was a wee one...
Yikes! Good morning to you too sunshine!

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