Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Operation Homecoming

Yay! Thank God Eric's finally home from his 2 1/2 month deployment! He was supposed to arrive yesterday at 6 PM...then it was 5:30...then it was 5:15...then it was 3:20. It turned out to be 4:15. But I suppose that's the military for you :) The girls and I waited anxiously in the crowded hangar for the airplane to arrive. While we waited a Talon landed and I told her that wasn't daddy, so she said, "It was almost Daddy!" So cute!

Eric was "lucky" enough to be the troop commander on the way home...which is really just a glorified title for: babysitter. He was entrusted to make sure none of the 200 people on board did something stupid (like have too much to drink at one of the layovers and miss getting on the plane...or something like that). He wasn't exactly thrilled, but fortunately, there weren't any real issues.

Eric had to inprocess today, so his recuperative leave starts tomorrow. He's going to need it just to get over the jet lag and get back to our time zone. Eric's only "problem" now is that he has a 3 foot shadow. Leah hasn't left his side or stopped smiling/laughing since he got home. It's so sweet to watch her look at him.

I tried to get artsy with the picture by having Leah in the foreground and the taxiing plane in the background. It didn't turn out like I'd envisioned.

Leah goofing off while killing time...

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