Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pop-Pop, Aunt Sharon and Uncle Frank Visit

My Dad, Aunt Sharon and Uncle Frank came up from WPB for a couple days while Aunt Sharon met with her "accountant friends" :) It was a quick but great visit. We managed to squeeze in quite a bit of stuff in 2 days. We went to hospitality night to meet and greet with the group, had lunch at Lucky Snapper, went on a sunset dolphin cruise, and Dad got to get Leah her first pair of sneakers.

A turtle was crawling across our lawn Sunday, so we took Leah outside to see it. She's pointing at everything now. Once he went into his shell, we turned it around and let her touch the shell.

We had lunch with Aunt Sharon's group at the Lucky Snapper so she could get her fix of their yummy cheese bisquits. We hung out on the deck beforehand, and Leah entertained us by dancing on the table. Let's hope she got that out of her system....

We walked Leah around to show her all the fish one of the deep sea fishing boats had brought in. She pointed at the fish and probably would have touched them if I'd let her. Then a "pirate" came by and made her a balloon turtle (which she proceeded to try to eat).

We had a wonderful cruise and saw lots of dolphins. Some came up right alongside the boat. Leah did great even though we were out past her bed time. She was much more interested in the birds than the dolphin.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hugs from Leah

Boo has to sleep with one eye open when Leah's around...

Leah loves her new flower toy and enjoys hugging it. She loves giving hugs to everyone/thing lately. It's so wonderful getting that hug first thing in the morning...or anytime for that matter.

We gave Leah a bowl of food today with her own stubby spoon and let her go to town. She quickly threw her spoon overboard..apparently fingers are her preferred choice.

Hugging her lion stuffed animal..

Our oak trees are raining down leaves, so Eric had to get up on the roof to blow them off.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Walk in the Park

Our town built a great little park right down the road from us about a year or two ago, and I just started taking Leah there this week. It's in walking distance and the slides and other "equipment" are surrounded by oak trees, so there's lots of shade. She just loves going down the slides...escorted for now...but is the most excited by the leaves on the ground! Apparently for babies, they're like gold. She'll grab one or two and hold on to them (with her death grip) while she climbs on stuff or is walked around by me or Eric.
Leah racked out after her first trip to the park....

Leah recognizes bananas and gets very excited when we walk by the fruit bowl. She kicks her legs and starts saying, "nana, nana, nana".

We're also teaching her to give kisses. It's almost scary how much she copies us!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Girls' Got Rhythm

Leah "helped" me clean up her room today...apparently I didn't know where anything was supposed to go, as it was all thrown on the floor in a new place. She loves her sippy cup and loves to dance to any music at all. In fact if I start singing a song, she'll start grooving.

Eric took her outside for a walk today, and they hung out in the Cambird for a while. She had a great time standing on the seat and loved it when Eric beeped the car's (really pathetic) horn.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Glad To Be Home

We're back from West Palm, and it feels so great to sleep in our own bed and have our own stuff. We had a really great time visiting family, but we were definitely ready to be home.

Nana Kate dropping us off at the airport; Leah and Eric "inspecting" our plane; Leah enjoying her window seat lap...

We met my Aunt Sharon and cousin Jillian at the park so they could meet again. The video of Jillian hugging Leah is too sweet.

We also were able to see my cousin Cynthia before we left. Leah was enthralled with her and very interested in getting in her purse! My other cousins, Al and Janice, came over later that night for a quick visit after getting back from Costa Rico. Leah did not want Janice to put her down!

She loves her swing. Her feet kick like crazy as soon as she sees it. Eric took some video of her laughing again in it.

One of her latest..."tricks" feeding daddy her food...

Our karate-chopping, Dancing Queen....

Our pear tree had an insane amount of flowers in bloom when we came home from Albuquerque. Lots of pears this year....

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

WPB Visit

We had a very easy travel day coming out here. Leah made friends with the other traveling kids. She enjoyed looking out the window with Eric on the approach into PBI.

Dad really wanted to take us to the Breakers while we were here to walk around. I lived here for 15 years (give or take) and had never walked around to enjoy the scenery. Boy was it worth it! The architecture and landscape were unbelievable. We ate lunch at one of the waterfront restaurants. And the food was unbelievable! The bar was a 6-7 inch thick fish tank which Leah really enjoyed.

My mom and Aunt Linda came to WPB to visit and had a great time! Leah was her usual social self! She even showed off her "She-Bop"! Leah's a lucky girl...she's seen all her grandparents (and alot of other family members) within a couple weeks...

Eric's cousins, Sue and Cory, came up to visit us and brought their son, Colin, (who is about 2 months younger than Leah). Leah had a good time with him, but I think we were all hoping for more interaction. Nonetheless, we took lots of pictures and had a really great visit.

Leah went in the pool for the first time! She truly loved it. Her feet were kicking, and she was making waves. Another cool thing...the white bathing suit with the red trim was my old (and I can use that word after this last birthday) bathing suit.

We went to the driving range to hit some balls (both Eric and my Dad were anxiously awaiting that trip). Leah had her second golf lesson :) although she seemed a little more interested in the leaves on the lawn...

Leah with her Great Aunt Sharon...
At lunch with Dan, Aunt Sharon, Sherry and Dad...
At a fun little Irish restaurant/bar in Wellington called the Gypsy Horse...

Showing off her rhythm with my brother Rob...