Sunday, April 26, 2009

Riding the Carousel, Wendy's Wedding, Earth Day, Hunting Eggs

This week has been pretty busy, but very fun.  Lindsey and Scott came in to town on Wednesday for Wendy's wedding.  It was so great to see her again (and to finally meet Scott).  I was also able to see her sister, brother-in-law, nephew and mother.  The wedding was beautiful (and it was a nice treat to see Pastor James officiating).  

Earlier that day, Tracy and I took the girls to the FWB Earth Day celebration, which was...less than entertaining.  But it was still nice to get out and walk around.  

We hope all are well :)

The best thing about the Earth Day celebration was watching Leah and Katherine go through the "hippie door"... they had soooo much fun!

The mall has kid's night on Tuesdays with free carousel rides.  Leah and Katherine had a blast and went on it a couple times!

Leah's jumping up and down waiting in line...
Learning to potty train...she loves sitting on it, she just hasn't been "productive" yet!
An older shot of her at the park...but still cute :)
The "Egghunters"...

Friday, April 17, 2009

Visit to New York

Hi all!  Leah and I returned home this week from a fun visit to NY.  We had a great time, and it was really nice spending Easter with family.  We went to Michelle and Steve's house for a fantastic spread...and this was after the kids had their egg hunt.  Leah had a BLAST looking for eggs.  In fact when they had all been discovered, we just took a couple out of her basket when she wasn't looking and rehid them (in plain view of course).  It was adorable to watch! We also got to spend some time with Leah's great grandmother, Mama Jama...including getting a picture of her with all her great grandchildren! Brian had us all over for pizza (yummy!) and Leah got to spend some time with Faitra...who was like a little mommy to her.  I got to hold Sheila and Jim's newest edition, Claire, who is just beautiful...I forgot Leah was ever that small!!  I was able to go into NYC on Monday and had lunch with two cousins I hadn't seen in years (Patrick and Kate).  I am so mad at myself for forgetting to take a picture (even though I brought my camera for that sole purpose...argh@).  But as nice as the trip was, it was fabulous to get back and sleep in my own bed...I love you Tempur-Pedic!!!  Seriously... I love you!

Jama with the cousins:
Faitra and Leah:
the cousins at Brian's:

with Uncle Brian:
getting watermelon from Jama on Easter:
with Karen and "Aunt" Dottie
with Karen and John:
with Karen, me and her Easter egg loot:
searching for eggs with Uncle Brian:
with the cousins on Easter (this was right after we arrived, so Leah was still a little hesitant...can you tell by the body language?)
on Easter morning:
searching out those hard-to-find eggs:
enjoying a toasty fire with Gramps:

coloring eggs with Karen and John:

It's been a while since I've done this, but I think the stickers are supposed to go on the eggs...?
Dressed up in a flight suit that the "dummy" doll normally fit her great though

Saturday, April 4, 2009

West Palm Beach Visit

I just got back today from a week plus stay down in WPB.  Aside from the long drive (and the cat throwing up in the truck...twice) it was a great visit.  Leah and I were able to see lots of family and even ran into some high school/college friends at the Wellington mall...small world!
Dad and Kate threw me and Al a birthday party which was a fun time :) Donna came to surprise Al for his birthday, so it was a treat to see her and finally meet her beautiful daughter, Liza.

Leah was hesitant to go in the pool at first, but once she was in she loved it. She had fun going up and down the pool steps over and over and...over again :)

We also went to Palm Beach where an Art Gallery had a "petting zoo" on its beautiful garden grounds. Leah DEFINITELY was hesitant at first but eventually was coaxed into petting some animals. In fact she almost blinded a baby duck trying to point out its eye. Fortunately the animal handler was pretty quick and no harm was done.

Al and Janice also hosted us last weekend.  It was a wonderful opportunity to see my mom, Rob, Aunt Linda, Donna, Liza and (of course) Al and Janice.  It was a great visit, but it went too quickly.  

We also went to Butterfly World, but I think Leah was a little too young to fully appreciate it...but I'd never been there before and it was really neat. She came face to face with lots of butterlies, birds and flowers.  

Fair warning:  I attached quite a few pictures...

having a wet noodle fight with my dad..
at the petting 'zoo'...
a baby bunny..."hop!"
pointing out the duck's eye (because we didn't know where it was)...

petting a frisky goat...

debating the pool...
helping dad strum the guitar...
the beautiful flowers Eric sent me for my sweet!! I think I'll keep him :)
In my new maternity bathing suit that Aunt Sharon and I went to about 6 stores to finally find...
Leah wanted all of us to wear her glasses...although they looked the funniest on my dad :)
Aunt Sharon, cousin Jillian, Leah and I...
Leah with baby Liza

birthday 'royalty'
family picture:
Jillian and Leah hugging
with my mom...
Donna, Rob, mom, Al, Janice, Aunt Sharon and Jillian (unfortunately I didn't think to take it until after Liza was down for her nap)...
Leah and Jillian broke into the ice cooler and were sucking on the ice...they LOVED it! (In fact when I got ice at the hotel last night, she was so excited and swiped a couple pieces)
mom, my brother Rob, Leah and I
relaxing and watching Sesame Street
Not having any fun in the pool...

she was fascinated with the mechanical fish...
The butterfly is at the very bottom...the lowest piece of red in the pic...

There's a yellow butterfly on the red flower.  She tried to reach for it and it flew off...
A hummingbird drinking nectar...
it was we took time out for ice cream :)
stopping to smell the roses with Pop-Pop...

The bird started on my dad's hand then decided to climb up his arm, perched on his shoulder for a bit and then onto his head.... 
Leah and Jillian in the pool of balls in the nursery at Aunt Sharon's church