Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Leah's New 'Do

I took Leah to get her hair cut today. She oscillated between wanting one and then not wanting one. There was no doubt in my mind that her hair WAS going to get cut....even if I had to do it myself! Every time I'd brush her hair, she'd cry about the knots. Every time I'd wash her hair, she'd cry. I suppose it's selfish to say, but this haircut was more for me than it was her. This is a bit of sanity for me :)

She was bawling horribly at the start of the haircut, but by the end she was laughing. And when we left, she kept telling me how much she loved her new haircut! Good...because it's going to stay short until you can wash and brush it yourself kiddo!!! :)


Calming down...a little...
Laughing as it started "raining hair"...
The finished product...(although she just woke up from her nap)

Happy Birthday to Me :)

It was my birthday last Friday, and when I told Leah, she was VERY excited! She immediately said, "We need to have a party. And we need to have birthday cake. PINK birthday cake!" I didn't have any cake, nor did I have any intention on making one. After Leah asked me for the fourth time, I figured I needed to do something about it. Sooooo, I had been wanting some fish 'n chips and I thought I could kill two birds with one stone. Go to a pub, get my fish, order dessert and make Leah happy. We got a mixed berry crumble with custard (Leah went to town on the custard!!). As we were walking to the van, Leah asked me again when we were going to have birthday cake!!! Argh...I can't win. She has a sweet tooth just like her Daddy :)

The girls and I at a pub in Bury St Edmunds, called The Spread Eagle.
Leah enjoying the custard. She didn't even notice she had some on her chin...
A little blurry, but a self portrait of me and Aine

Saturday, March 26, 2011


I found a fun app last night for my phone: CamWow. It takes some really cool pictures. I'm obviously having way too much fun with this :)
(And Aunt Linda, these are for you! You asked for pictures of me...well here you go :) )

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sesame Street

We have a Sesame Street program on the computer which the girls just LOVE! Aine gets really excited to play it :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Yummy Snack

I gave the girls some veggies and guacamole dip last week, and I knew how that was going to be received: Aine would dive right in and Leah would give me attitude. Neither diasappointed me. When I gave it to Aine she looked at it, then studied which to choose first. I WAS surprised that she chose a radish first. She really liked it and ended up eating them all :)

Now with Leah it went over (like my Dad always says) like a fart in a spacesuit. She immediately requested some chips to replace the veggies. When I told her no she sulked for a bit.

Here's the sequence:
"I want chips!"
"Well, it does look pretty good"...
"I do like cucumber, so I'll eat that...but I won't smile"...
"Mmmm, not bad"...
"Maybe I will have some more"...

You should have seen Aine's sleeve when she was done (I forgot to roll it up first).

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Macaroni & Cheese Muffins

Our girls LOVE macaroni and cheese (surprise surprise), and I usually try to sneak some cooked sweet potato into it when I make it (which I think makes it taste waaaayyyy better). I found this recipe for Macaroni & Cheese Muffins and tried them out. They're really yummy, they freeze and thaw well...and they're super easy for Leah and Aine's lunches. In fact the first time I sent them to school with Leah, her teacher came up to me later and told me that she and another teacher were wondering what they were :)

In case you can't tell, Aine is really enjoying them....

Green or Blue?

We can't decide what color Leah's eyes or blue?

Friday, March 11, 2011

Project Simplify: Hot Spot #1

Hello everyone! I'm participating in Simple Mom's Project: Simplify (organizing 5 hot spots in 5 weeks). I'm really excited to do it this way because I think a week is a reasonable amount of time to tackle a room/area. This week we organized the wardrobe/closet. Part of the instructions were to try on each piece of clothing and give a true evaluation. This was a little frustrating since I've put on about 5-8 pounds between the miscarriage, the travel/move, and the subsequent sicknesses. Argh! It was quite humbling; I'll just say that. was motivating to get those stubborn pounds off so I can get back into the clothes I have instead of having to buy new ones. I even rediscovered some I forgot I had. (When we unpacked I literally just put clothes wherever there was space, knowing I'd come back to it when time allowed....). It's definitely a God-thing that this was one of the "hot spots".

I had some of my clothes in the wardrobe in the guestroom, some in the one in our bedroom, some in our (hall) closet (yes, we are fortunate to have found a place in England that actually does have a good sized closet!), and the majority in my dresser. When all was done, I was able to get all my clothes out of the guestroom. Fall/winter clothes are in the bedroom wardrobe and dresser, and summer clothes in the closet.

I can't wait to see what I'll be tackling next week. It's not too late to join us....

Here are the results.
This is the before picture to the closet (Eric and my clothes intermingled...with no rhyme or reason):
This is the after. Eric's clothes on the left, mine on the right. (And yes, I am one of the anal ones who puts clothes in color order):
The before of the shoes:
The after. Not too much is different except that I got rid of a couple pairs and put all mine together on the top half, Eric's on the bottom:
Our bedroom wardrobe before (this one was already separated with my clothes on the left, Eric's on the right):


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fun at the Park

We have a great park around the corner and took the girls there for a little bit this weekend. They had a blast on the swings and on the slide. (And I must note that Leah put Aine's hat on...why we didn't fix it I don't know...haha!)