Friday, October 31, 2008


We had a blast with Pop-Pop carving pumpkins and waiting for trick or treaters...yes there was some wine involved...shocker! Leah is enjoying herself with Pop-Pop and has his name down pat! Hope everyone had a safe holiday!

Leah's First Kiss

We were outside and Leah went up to the yard sign, asking what it was.  I told her and then asked her to kiss Sarah.  She did, and then she decided to kiss McCain.  It was too cute!  

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Pumpkin Patch

There's a local church on Hwy 98 that has a pumpkin patch every year, and it was such a nice day that we just had to go!  Leah was super excited when we first got there and ran right up to the pumpkins (screeching...not she went).  But the fascination was short lived.  She spent most of the time there going up and down a small hill...literally.  Up, down, up, down, up...well you get it!  She may not have understood or appreciated the concept of a pumpkin patch, but she definitely had a fun day.  

Side note for those of you who have...'complained'...excuse me 'remarked'...about my recent lull in postings:  well here are 3 in a row.  Enjoy!  :)  Love you guys...and of course I'm just teasing!

Our Little Wino

Eric brought some wine back from his latest TDY, and Leah was "helping" him unpack.  He gave her the bottle and told her to "Give the bottle to mommy".   I just cracked up seeing her come around the corner with a wine bottle almost as big and heavy as her!  But she knew what to do and gave me the bottle.
Our other pride and joy...Mr Contortionist...

Playdate with Katherine

Katherine came over the other day to play with Leah.  Both of them were having a ball ("baalll") opening and closing the door.  I also love the one of them trying to call for help at the glass door :)

Apparently Leah couldn't decide if she wanted milk or apple decided to alternate taking swigs off of each.  Very strange that girl of ours :)

NOT a fan of "no" you can see.

Friday, October 17, 2008

A Walk On the Pier

We've had a great time with Eric's parents in town.  We went to the beach the other night and walked on the pier, then had dinner at Dewey Destins.  It was a blast!  Leah was pointing out all the birds and airplanes.  John took some family shots of us on the beach, and I think they turned out really well.  

Karen and Leah looking at one of the many airplanes that flew overhead.
The water was much more rough than normal!

Leah...about to show off her belly to a dying fish...

Obviously not a beach photo, but too cute...

Friday, October 3, 2008


Leah had a rough two days.  Yesterday morning she was a unusually cranky and then she fell asleep in the truck around 10:00 (also unusual).  When I took her out she felt really hot, so we took her temperature to find it a balmy 102-103.  She was very lethargic all day and just clung to me.  She slept really well (through the night and 'til 8:30), but her fever was still around 100 when she woke up. It finally broke this afternoon, and she's back to her normal self.  Thank you Jesus for keeping our little angel safe!!

We gave her a california roll for dinner tonight to see what she'd do.  She meticulously retrieved the avocado and proceeded to eat that...and only that!

Usually she "helps" me vacuum by turning the knob of the suction control to a lower setting, but tonight she decided to go for a ride on the vacuum.  Even more, she showed off her gut!!  I tried to give her the handle, but she'd have nothing of girl!!! (I wish I didn't have to vacuum either...)

Saying "ball" has become Leah's favorite pasttime.  ALL day it's,  "ball, ball, ball".  In fact she made me get one of her balls yesterday morning before I could give her her beloved banana. Here she is hugging it, and then offering it to sweet she is :)