Tuesday, July 26, 2011

School's Out For Summa...

Leah had her last day of school last week, and they had a little ceremony to present all of the kids with a certificate. We sat outside and watched as they 'marched' out to their seats. Once Leah saw us, she smiled big and ran over to us...so much for protocol :) She had taken swimming lessons this year, and the swimming teacher made up certificates for them too. Soooo Leah got 2 certificates!!! (She liked the swimming one the best). Then the kids were released to us, and we were able to have a little picnic. It was a really great day. I'm so glad Eric was able to be there for it too :)

Breaking ranks and running over to us...
Getting her certificate from her favorite teacher, Miss Leanne...
Leah winking...
Aine 'winking'
Aine was a mess :)

This is the official school picture of her class:

Sunday, July 24, 2011

This Weekend

Here are some hodge podge pics from this weekend:

There was a dedication at church this morning, and so Leah's class was brought in to watch it/be involved. Leah was all smiles when she saw us sitting there :)
Aine attempting to brush her teeth
The three monkeys after bathtime:
Aine LOVES this bouncy castle at our pub. She's crazy!!!! She'll throw herself in/out/around that thing. She's definitely an adrenaline junkie :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011


The girl's got rhythm...
(The music didn't come through too well on the video, but there WAS music)

Sunday, July 10, 2011


After Eric got back from his deployment, we gave him a couple days to rest and then went off on a road trip. We went to Dover to see the White Cliffs and also to see Dover Castle. It took us about 2.5 hours, so not too bad. Overall, Dover was very disappointing. The castle was really neat and the white cliff were beautiful, but the town itself was very run down and...trashy. The girls had a fun time running around the castle grounds, and Leah relished the thought of a "real" princess walking through the halls and sleeping in the beds. :)

The first (and thankfully only) night in the hotel. They did NOT want to go to sleep at all. In fact, we had to split them up to finally get them to go to sleep.
Aine in St Mary's Church on the castle grounds. She climbed on to a pew and just laid still for a while with a very serious expression on her face.

Standing on top of the castle looking at the grounds and the water in the background.

At dinner for Eric's birthday.
Racked out on the drive home. Leah kept telling us that she wouldn't nap...

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Canterbury Cathedral

Eric made it home safe and sound last week, and we decided to go on a little road trip to FINALLY see some of the beautiful sites this country has to offer. My initial plan was to go to Dover, check out the castle and the white cliffs and then take the ferry across to France and go to Paris (checking out Disney). I think it was a little too much travel for Eric (I forget that he's been traveling for the past couple months...). So, we went to Dover. On the way, we decided to stop at Canterbury for lunch and check out the cathedral. We're so glad we stopped. What a charming little town! Cobblestone paths, cute shops, amazing cathedral. We both think it was way better than Dover. I've been trying to upload pictures for the past two nights and am going to quit at just Canterbury for now. Enjoy!

Eric pretending to dunk Aine in the holy water.