Monday, November 24, 2008

Tea Time

Leah really enjoys her new tea set and loves 'pouring' everyone a cup.  It must be a girl thing, because she took right to it.    

A Kiss For Daddy

Giving Daddy a (slobbery) smooch!
She LOVES 'Grandma Mouse' and insists on hugging her and bringing her from room to room...she looks funny carrying it because she's barely taller than it!

All bundled up yesterday to go play on the playground...

Saturday, November 22, 2008


We've been working with Leah on spelling her name using letter magnets and flash cards. I think things finally clicked today. She seems to understand not only what the letters are, but their order also. Pretty cool!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Our Little Model

We took Leah for Christmas pictures today (and not to sound too biased...but they turned out really great!).  Of course she wanted to go in her swing when we got home.  Part of the routine is to stand under it, grab the red guard and push it herself.  Well, "push" in the loosest definition.  Later we took the dress top off for dinner and let her run around in her bottom, tights and shoes.  The bottoms were a little big, so Eric pulled them up as far as they would go!   She looked utterly ridiculous standing there stomping to "Farmer Tad" with her bloomers up over her belly!! 

Sitting at her new table and chair set enjoying the music box...


Hi all!  It's been pretty cold here the past couple days (although today was a bit warmer).  Leah wanted to go on her swing , so I let her...but only for a brief time since it was so cold.  I put a hat and mittens on her.  She just kept looking at her hands like, "What are these things you just put on my hands??!" 
Leah and I weren't the only ones who were glad to have Eric home Monday night.  Boo just curled up in Eric's sweet our little boy is :)
"Helping" Eric set up the tree...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New Chalkboard Desk

Hi all!  Here are some recent pics.  God bless!

Not having any fun at all in her swing...

She loves to hide behind something and pop out.  Good thing she showed herself...I couldn't see her :)
I've been wanting to get her a desk where she can color and play, and Eric and I saw one on the side of the road!  It needed to be glued back together in one spot...and also needed a fresh coat of paint.  We put some chalkboard paint on the top, and she really enjoys it!  God is so good...He even provides in the little things!! 

Double-fisting it...

The desk before...

Friday, November 7, 2008

We're Pregnant!

We just found out today that we're pregnant!!!  I don't know any more details, but am excited and want to pass it along!

Sidewalk Chalk

I got Leah some sidewalk chalk today to use with her new desk, but thought we'd give it a test run on the sidewalk (novel concept)!  She had a blast.  Her tongue was hanging out of her mouth the whole time.  She would make a couple marks, then move down the walkway a couple feet, make some more marks, move a couple more feet and mark some more.  It was so cute! She wandered off into the grass a couple times (perhaps not fully grasping the concept of SIDEWALK chalk)..but overall, I'd say we have a budding arteest on our hands :)

The finished masterpiece:

Smitty Visit

Jeff had to come to Hurlburt for a week , so Laura and Joshua decided to join him.  We were sooo excited to finally meet the little man we've only seen in pictures!!  He is so cute!  We had such a great time with them and were reminded of just how much we miss them!  Laura, Tracy and I did lots of shopping...just to pass the time of course.  :)  And the kids interacted really well together. 

No resemblence to Jeff at all...yeah right!!  Spitting image :)