Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter

We spent Easter with the Butties, Suzanne, John, Trisha, and the Butties (Sr). We had a great meal, great company and great wine. It was such a treat to see Steve and MarCi...it had been since Thanksgiving. And definitely great not to have to cook after getting back in to town the day prior.

Leah was a ham at the airport on the way back from ABQ. She had two girls following her every move and a crowd of about 10 just watching her.

Eric in front of the movie prop for an upcoming Joe Pesci movie called The Love Ranch. They were filming about 20 minutes from Lynne and Gary's.

St Patty's Day with Karen and John in NM.

Jeff and Laura came to visit us in Jemez Springs. We are so grateful they drove up to visit us. Not just because we really miss them, but because Laura is 7 1/2 months pregnant, and that makes the 4 hr trip even longer.

Misc pictures and video from NM

She-Bop II

Leah going up the stairs the first day she figured it out...

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Ponderosa Winery

While Karen and John were in town, we went to a little winery a couple miles down the road from Lynne and Gary's. They had a pretty good selection and a couple were actually quite good. We were given a list of wines with some comments next to each. Eric noticed one of them said "grapes crushed by ugly virgins with big feet under a full moon". Cute :) There were three dogs running around the place (one was huge, the second average, and the third a little ankle biter)...these seemed to interest Leah the most. The winemaker came out and chatted with us for a while, telling us he mostly grows resisling grapes. He sells more than half of that harvest and buys the other grape varieties from other NM wineries.

Eric and Leah in front of the reisling grapes

Leah showing off her new talent...waving.

Gramps and Leah inspecting the grounds.

Mama giving Leah a little taste (just kidding)...Leah was trying to get it though!

Passed out...er asleep...on the ride home. What's in her sippy cup that she has such a death grip on it?

Friday, March 21, 2008

Karen and John Visit

We had a such a great visit with Karen & John and Lynne & Gary...and Annie the dog! I'll post and write more in a couple days once we're back home and things are back to "normal"...remind me what that is...I seem to have forgotten...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Visit in Jemez Springs

We drove up to Eric's cousins' house in Jemez Springs on Saturday to stay for 2 weeks. They have a very spacious and beautiful guest house with an amazing view! Eric's parents came to town yesterday for a week-long visit. It's been such a blessing to see so much family while we're TDY to Albuquerque.
Leah and Booby enjoying the fireplace...

Leah "helping" us unpack....

The view from our guest house back patio....

A self-portrait...

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Fun with the Klimi

We met up with Frank, Kelley, Zoe and Jenna for lunch and a mall "play date" today. It was one of those malls that has a kid play area. Leah had a great time and enjoyed looking at herself in the skewed mirror and playing with the girls.

Frank, Eric and Zoe went to get some Girl Scout Cookies while we (Kelley, Jenna and I) finished our lunch. Leah was determined to break into MY Thin Mints...do you hear that Eric???? Mine!!
And more naked baby shots...

Leah's First Golf Lesson

Dad and I went to the golf course this week and hit some golf balls. Leah had her first lesson. I don't think trying to eat the golf ball was part of what dad told her...but I have been wrong before!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Visit to the Aquarium

Dad and I took Leah to the aquarium this week. She was so cute. A big puffer fish came right up to her and seemed to hover right there. We saw shark, jelly fish, koi, and all kinds of tropical, brightly-colored fish. They also had a botanical garden on sight. When we walked in the greenhouse, we were overwhelmed with the smell of hyacinth. I would definitely go back. We have Kelley to thank for the recommendation.

And of course there has to be the "naked baby shot"...