Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I have been trying for a week now to upload some cute videos and am not having much success!  Oh well.  Here are some cute shots from when Katherine came over and played with Leah.  Boo is hiding in his cat "tent", but that didn't stop the girls from harassing him.  Leah is doing the sign for cat (you act like you're tracing a cat's whisker from where it starts on the face to where it ends). As you can see from Leah's illustration, Boo has extremely long whiskers!!!   
Here Leah is just about to hug Katherine, but it looks like she's whispering in her ear :)  
That's all I have...I'm tired and going to bed.  Will post more later.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Our Little Pooh

Hi all!  Here are some recent pictures of our little girl...she's getting so big!!
(One of) her latest fascinations is getting in my shoes...please pray for her health....
We watched little Sofia the other day, and Leah was all about giving her hugs....many, many hugs....

Our little Pooh...we love you!

She's getting really good at "talking" to us with sign language.  She's currently using:  food, milk, more, airplane, bird, cat, juice.  Right now we're teaching her:  mommy, daddy, dog (or "ruff ruff" as Leah says), tree and pain.  I highly recommend using sign language!!  It's fascinating to watch her face as a sign clicks with her.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Beach After Ike And Turtles......

We took Leah to the beach for some fun in the sun. For those who remember the road from Ft. Walton to Destin this is an unfamiliar sight! If you watched the news and heard of a distressed tanker in Ike's path I was "lucky" enough to work rescue efforts to save the crew.
As you can imagine Leah had no fun at all in the water...

This is one of my favorites!!!

Leah learned to say "Turtle" last night, what fun!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Fountain

We went to the Destin Commons yesterday with Chris, Tracy and Katherine and had such a great time!  It was pretty warm, so we let Leah run through the fountains.  This was only her second time and we were a little hesitant as to how she'd do...but she did wonderful.   

Monday, September 1, 2008

Hurricane Gustav

Hurricane Gustav was pretty much a non-event here (thank you Jesus!). We had some heavy bursts of rain and wind today, but not anything worse than a good thunderstorm.  Yesterday I decided to go to the beach to check out the waves.  I was surprised they weren't bigger, but it worked out because I let Leah walk in the surf for the first time. (Sad, I know...she's 15 months and she's not been to the beach yet...although she has been to the Soundside).  She absolutely LOVED it!  In fact, I had a hard time getting her to leave.  Chris and Tracy joined us with their little one, Katherine (who's only lived here a couple months and has been to the beach a couple times...now I feel even more guilty).  It was a really fun time...I only wish Eric could have been there.  He got called at 3:30 Sunday morning and was told to be at the squadron within an hour so they could evacuate the planes.  Certainly an overly cautious decision considering the impact the storm had on us, but I can understand I suppose.  That's some serious equipment...

This was the sky on my way to the beach.  These clouds opened up for about 5 minutes...really hard, sideways rain.  And then it was beautiful...
Leah's learning to identify her belly, knees and toes.  She's QUITE proud of her belly!  When Eric or I take her shirt off she rubs it like it's a hard-earned beer belly..

Excited that Katherine joined us.
First walk on the beach...

My little fly-catcher.  Her mouth was open and smiling the whole time she was in the water.

We stood Leah and Katherine next to each other and started snapping away with the camera.  I asked Leah to hug Katherine and she did...

I should have cropped it closer (but am too lazy now), but we saw a couple dolphin swimming.

Chris, Tracy and Katherine

I love this one...

When we got home, she brought me my shoes and then proceeded to step into them...she is just too fun!!!