Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! We hope everyone had a wonderful day...I know we did. It started off with a big storm on Christmas Eve that knocked the power out from about 7:30 to 11:30 PM. Thankfully we had already assembled the gifts a couple nights prior. It was interesting putting out cookies and presents by candlelight and flashlight. It was pretty neat actually. I think Eric and I were more excited on Christmas morning than Leah was (and obviously more so than Aine!). She was pretty excited to see all the "presents and toys" under/around the tree. It was fun to watch her open her gifts...although she didn't really take the time to enjoy any one gift until they were all unwrapped. We had a relaxed and low-key day...very special. We did miss all our family, but it was nice being in our own home.  God bless you all!

Coming downstairs in the morning.

Our little Christmas jailbird!

Christmas Eve by flashlight...

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Arts and Crafts

We did arts and crafts with the girls last weekend. Leah had a blast painting her picture frame although she didn't quite get the concept of using different color paints on different areas. Instead of a vibrant and colorful frame, it turned out a very THICK black. Oh well...she had fun.

Eric making a handprint keepsake ornament. She wasn't in to it. Not at all!

Holiday Pictures and Pictures with Santa

We took the girls to see Santa at the mall. Leah was all excited to sit with Santa....until she actually had to. Then she was very apprehensive and simply would NOT smile. Regardless, it's a vast improvement from last year's debacle when she was crying and screaming..and we couldn't even get her on Santa's lap. I think next year will be THE year. Hopefully :)

Here are our holiday pictures this year...

Miscellaneous Holiday

Some miscellaneous shots...

Helping me bake cookies the other night. What? Doesn't everyone bake in the buff?
What's wrong with my pants?
Aine in Leah's doll crib...
Happy girl watching me prep dinner...
You come here often?

This one cracks me up. She kept trying to get Aine to talk to her. After I turned the camera off, she said, "I want to stay clean!"

Christmas Cookies

We had the Butties over for some cookie decorating fun. I don't know what was more fun...watching a two year old try to ice cookies or watching two grown men try to roll out cookie dough. I think the latter!  Leah missed her nap yesterday, and even though she was all sugared up, she was really good. She really enjoyed icing the cookies and then putting the red sprinkles on...and on...and on. I seriously think she may have used a quarter of the container on one cookie! 

Coming down off her sugar high...laying down next to Aine (who proceeded to pull her hair)!
Steve getting the hang of rolling the dough and cutting out the shapes.
Our cookie creations (inspired by our mugs of egg nog)...

Using the cookie cutters. Of course it was, "I do, I do"
The first patch turned out like a blob...but they still tasted really good :)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Rigging Up the Lights

Eric and his little elf, Leah, put up Christmas decorations this weekend...everything looks so magical! It's hard to imagine that this is probably our last Christmas in this house...sad!

Aine's first time in the Exersaucer last night. She reaaaallly enjoyed it. Her smile was so big, but every time I snapped a great smile shot the flash made her close her eyes.