Friday, July 31, 2009


Some pictures of our sleeping beauties!
I left her with the stuffed animals on her bed...when Eric checked on her, she had walled them around her.

Leah used to sleep in this exact position...
More of "The Thinker"...
Blowing bubbles in her sleep...
I can't believe the bed hasn't broken yet...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Great Start

This has been a great week! Aine is doing wonderfully, Leah is handling things amazingly well, and Karen and John are spoiling us...what more could we ask for? :) Aine is eating and sleeping well...although she has some issues with gas and fussiness consistently between 9-11 PM...but then sleeps for about 5 hours at a stretch...sweeeeet! Her bruising is almost completely gone...just the red rings around her eyes remain (although those are subsiding as well). At first we didn't think she looked like Leah at all, but now that the bruising is gone and the "trauma" of childbirth has mostly passed, she's really starting to look like Leah did. I posted some pictures of Leah at/around Aine's age for comparison. We are really enjoying our girls!!
The thinker...
The next four are pics of Leah when she was an itty bitty...

Leah is really into animals, so we all went to the NW FL zoo yesterday. It started off really well until Leah got overtired...but overall it was an enjoyable time. Her favorite parts were when the orangutan peed from its perch and a baby monkey jumped onto a ball swing! 
She grabbed a pair of tights out of Aine's room and John put them on her head so she looked like a bunny!
We walked around the Harbor Walk the other was much nicer than I was expecting. We had a great lunch at Harry Ts. The view was amazing!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

More Aine Pictures

We're home from the hospital, and everyone is going great. Aine is 5 days old today and she's starting to look a little better. The delivery was so fast that her face got bruised up (I would think it'd be the other way around...if the delivery was long...but I guess not). Unfortunately it puts her at higher risk for jaundice. Her tests started out with her riding the bottom line of the high intermediate risk category, but as of yesterday, she's well into the low intermediate things are improving. Most of her bruising is localized around her eyes and even in the whites of her eyes. The nurses said it should take about 3 weeks for that to go away. She is a great eater and is turning into a great sleeper (Last night she went down at 11 PM, woke up at 3:30 and again at I can't really complain about that :) )

Leah is doing amazingly well. I'm sure it has a great deal to do with the constant attention Karen and John are giving her, and that is A-OK! She loves giving Aine kisses and hugs and gets very upset when Aine cries. Hopefully she'll be well accustomed to her presence by the time Karen and John go back to NY.  

God blessed us greatly with a REALLY great delivery and recovery experience and a healthy (if bruised) little angel.  Praise Jesus!!!

I ordered her a "big sister" shirt in a 3T...thinking it would be a LITTLE big...didn't realize she'd be swimming in it :)

Eric decorated the house and "battle cruiser" with girly looks great!

Thought this was a cool shot...the light messed with the flash, but it turned out pretty neat.

Boo Entertains Leah

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Aine Pauline Hanley Debuts!

Well, here she is all 8lbs 10.6 ounces! She is 19&1/2 inches and her name is Aine, Pronounced "Ohn-Yah"

Mom and Baby are doing awesome. I have another opinionated women in the house now...When Aine was ready to be born she came out FAST!!!

Holing my hand for the first time...yeah I'm a softie!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Due Date

Today's the due date...we'll see if Peanut's one of the 10% who arrive on the due date. 

NAS Pensacola Aviation Museum

We went to NAS Pensacola on Saturday and saw the Aviation museum. I don't know who was more excited by all the planes...Leah or Eric :) My main goal was to "walk out" the baby...which obviously didn't happen. Oh well. The flag was flown at half mast for a couple days in honor of SECDEF McNamara. Eric really liked this picture because McNamara was instrumental in procuring his favorite aircraft, the F-14.
Eating lunch...
The museum has an area for the kids (and adults too I suppose) that has about 20 cockpits you can sit in. Leah loved being in the cockpits and didn't want to get out :) Sounds like someone I know!

This was my favorite picture of the day! The background has the Blue Angels in their diamond formation (or whatever the technical name is).
I couldn't believe how many airplanes they had crammed into this was unreal!

Eric showing Leah the ropes...
After patiently waiting to sit in the F-14 cockpit...
Eric was able to do an actual F-14 simulator. They were the ones the Navy used to train the fighter pilots. He had a blast! In fact one of the other customers commented that "I think the guy in #1 is a professional pilot" :) 

Waiting for Eric to pull up the "battle cruiser", as he calls it :)