Sunday, February 14, 2010

We're Moving!

We found out on Tuesday that we'll be moving to England this year. The exact timeframe has changed a couple times, but it now appears to be that we'll leave FL in late July. We'll go to Little Rock for Eric's Instructor Pilot School upgrade and then leave for England in September. Although we knew we'd get orders sometime this year, we weren't expecting to have to move until the winter timeframe.  We knew we'd be moving to either England, Japan, or New Mexico...with NM and England being the frontrunners. After getting over the initial shock, we are really excited. Overwhelmed with things to do beforehand, but excited nonetheless. Some people have asked me where in England we're moving, and it's to Mildenhall AFB (which to my understanding is near Cambridge, about an hour north of London). We're looking forward to the travel opportunities and experiencing different cultures. At least we'll be somewhere where they speak English (sort of ...haha). Please pray for our sanity over the next couple months (and anytime for that matter...) 

Here's a link to a map of England if you're interested..

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