Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. We're having a low key day here. I put Aine in her "My First V Day" outfit and tried to put Leah in hers, but she would wear nothing but her royal attire. If her princess dress is clean....she is Princess Leah! That is it. I cannot persuade her to wear anything else :) In fact I got her a little wand, tiara and fairy/butterfly wings yesterday, and she loves them! I put her in bed for a nap a while ago and could hear her "poofing" her wand....over and over and over again :)

We hope you're having a great day. We miss you all!

I have to put her in 18-24 month pants because the cloth adds so much bulk that if I put her in anything smaller, it's too tight to allow her to sit up without falling over!
I think I'm going  to stop asking Leah to smile because this is what I get...
Something looks a little off to me...
I caught her doing her "Aine wiggle"...

This was the first time I braided Leah's hair. I knew she wouldn't sit still long enough for me to (remember how to) do a french braid, so I just did a small regular braid. She looked so adorable. It made her look so grown up...sniff, sniff.
She's USUALLY all smiles, but occasionally she has something less friendly to say.....

Aine's first time sitting up in the stroller. She was all smiles.
And of course Leah couldn't allow Aine to have a photo op without jumping in it herself :)
I was trying to capture her rocking on her knees, but my phone was too slow...thus the blurry pictures. She's hanging out with her buddy Libby.

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