Sunday, December 6, 2009

NY Visit

Some miscellaneous pictures from NY:

Leah helping John pull the vette out of the garage. And yes! we did get to drive it!!
Aine with Karen and John:

Aine with her Uncle Brian:

Leah "helping" push Jama...apparently it was very bright in there, Leah had to wear her glasses...
4 generations:

Jama and Aine:

Karen and John had a LARGE amount of leaves in their yard.  John took Leah outside to play in them. She had a blast and enjoyed sitting down in the pile. It had been really windy the night before and a tree from the neighbor's yard fell into theirs. You can see it in one of the pictures.

We took Leah bowling. She was very excited at first, but after bowling her first ball (which was a STRIKE), she didn't want to bowl anymore. Stop while she's ahead, I guess....

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