Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Cookies

We had the Butties over for some cookie decorating fun. I don't know what was more fun...watching a two year old try to ice cookies or watching two grown men try to roll out cookie dough. I think the latter!  Leah missed her nap yesterday, and even though she was all sugared up, she was really good. She really enjoyed icing the cookies and then putting the red sprinkles on...and on...and on. I seriously think she may have used a quarter of the container on one cookie! 

Coming down off her sugar high...laying down next to Aine (who proceeded to pull her hair)!
Steve getting the hang of rolling the dough and cutting out the shapes.
Our cookie creations (inspired by our mugs of egg nog)...

Using the cookie cutters. Of course it was, "I do, I do"
The first patch turned out like a blob...but they still tasted really good :)

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