Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

My mom's 60th birthday was on November 17th, so we had a surprise party for her. I have such a great family who offered up homes, brought food, and helped contribute photos and stories for a scrapbook gift. It really made me miss being in WPB....well made me miss my family, not the city itself :) Mom was truly surprised and (as far as I know) had a great day! Unfortunately, time passed too quickly, and the next thing you know it was time to go...but overall it was an overwhelming success and a wonderful day. Thank you so much to Al and Janice for hosting, Aunt Linda for helping get mom there, and everyone else for their food and contribution. Happy birthday Mom! I love you!

Leah wouldn't be slowed down by taking pictures...she had cake to eat!
Thick as thieves...Leah and Jillian eating ice (even though they were told not to):

OBVIOUSLY she doesn't enjoy eating cupcakes...
Al was prepared to light the candles with a torch if needed...

Too cute! I started snapping pictures of Aine and her (month older) cousin Kristen, and Kristen grabbed and held her hand :)
Aine with Uncle Rob:

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