Monday, July 13, 2009

NAS Pensacola Aviation Museum

We went to NAS Pensacola on Saturday and saw the Aviation museum. I don't know who was more excited by all the planes...Leah or Eric :) My main goal was to "walk out" the baby...which obviously didn't happen. Oh well. The flag was flown at half mast for a couple days in honor of SECDEF McNamara. Eric really liked this picture because McNamara was instrumental in procuring his favorite aircraft, the F-14.
Eating lunch...
The museum has an area for the kids (and adults too I suppose) that has about 20 cockpits you can sit in. Leah loved being in the cockpits and didn't want to get out :) Sounds like someone I know!

This was my favorite picture of the day! The background has the Blue Angels in their diamond formation (or whatever the technical name is).
I couldn't believe how many airplanes they had crammed into this was unreal!

Eric showing Leah the ropes...
After patiently waiting to sit in the F-14 cockpit...
Eric was able to do an actual F-14 simulator. They were the ones the Navy used to train the fighter pilots. He had a blast! In fact one of the other customers commented that "I think the guy in #1 is a professional pilot" :) 

Waiting for Eric to pull up the "battle cruiser", as he calls it :)

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