Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Independence Day

We went to the FWB Landing yesterday afternoon and walked around while the vendors were setting up for the big event. She took off running for the water but didn't let us get too far behind. (I have a hard time keeping up with her of late..)

On her way to the "wawer"

There was some music playing to which Leah had to stop and dance every once in a while. Here she is mid dance. The girl has rhythm...what can I say :)

We went over to Chris and Tracy's last night and had a great BBQ.  We let the girls get in the pool and play with the "ball sprinkler" before dinner. Chris and Eric also shot at their precious little girls with huge water guns. I hope they're not scarred for life :)

The girls had a great time being spun in the chair and then trying to walk while their equilibrium was offkilter. 
I had to put this one on the blog because Eric's face is too funny! He looks like the mad hatter...
Group shot...(It may have taken 10 attempts, but I think we got a good one)

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