Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Aine Pauline Hanley Debuts!

Well, here she is all 8lbs 10.6 ounces! She is 19&1/2 inches and her name is Aine, Pronounced "Ohn-Yah"

Mom and Baby are doing awesome. I have another opinionated women in the house now...When Aine was ready to be born she came out FAST!!!

Holing my hand for the first time...yeah I'm a softie!!!


Becky said...

Yeah! Congrats. She's so cute.

Angela said...

She's so precious. And I love the name! It's Irish, right?

Congrats to mom, dad & big sis! :)

Linda said...
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Linda said...

Sorry - too many typos in the last post - I send my congratulations to Mom, Dad and Leah. Aine is absolutely gorgeous...Can't wait to see all of you, but especially the new little one that's finally arrived in the family...lots of love, Aunt Linda

Matt and Alice said...

Congragtulations! She is beautiful!