Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Great Start

This has been a great week! Aine is doing wonderfully, Leah is handling things amazingly well, and Karen and John are spoiling us...what more could we ask for? :) Aine is eating and sleeping well...although she has some issues with gas and fussiness consistently between 9-11 PM...but then sleeps for about 5 hours at a stretch...sweeeeet! Her bruising is almost completely gone...just the red rings around her eyes remain (although those are subsiding as well). At first we didn't think she looked like Leah at all, but now that the bruising is gone and the "trauma" of childbirth has mostly passed, she's really starting to look like Leah did. I posted some pictures of Leah at/around Aine's age for comparison. We are really enjoying our girls!!
The thinker...
The next four are pics of Leah when she was an itty bitty...

Leah is really into animals, so we all went to the NW FL zoo yesterday. It started off really well until Leah got overtired...but overall it was an enjoyable time. Her favorite parts were when the orangutan peed from its perch and a baby monkey jumped onto a ball swing! 
She grabbed a pair of tights out of Aine's room and John put them on her head so she looked like a bunny!
We walked around the Harbor Walk the other was much nicer than I was expecting. We had a great lunch at Harry Ts. The view was amazing!

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