Sunday, June 7, 2009

Play Time with Katherine

Tracy and I decided to swap babysitting days (one day I'd have Katherine the whole day and Tracy would do whatever she wanted...and then the next day I'd have alone time). At one point while I had them, they decided to stand on the side table and face plant into the couch. They had so much fun. I wish I could have recorded their giggles...they were sincere and cute and wonderful!! I put some pillows on the floor just in case they rolled off the couch, but then they decided to jump off the couch onto the pillows...oh well :)

Then we gave the girls a bath. I had just replaced the possessed bubble blower the day prior, so they were able to enjoy it for bath time.  Both loved fact, every time we tried to turn it off, they'd turn their heads and yell "bubbles!"
The girls love to give each other hugs (sometimes they even do it unsolicited).

Leah's definitely at the point where she wants to pick out (or at least help pick out) her outfit...including the color hair clips I put in her hair. This particular morning she chose a yellow and white shirt with purple shorts (not too bad).  I picked up the yellow pony tail holders and she told me "blue, blue". So I told her I'd give her the blue clip after the pig tails. Once that was in, she wanted the pink one too!  So here's Miss Rainbow Brite!@@

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