Monday, June 22, 2009


Our morning routine:  I get Leah some fruit and juice and she plops on the couch and watches Yo Gabba Gabba while I get some breakfast and laundry started. She's really taken to the monkey Eric brought her back from his trip. She MUST have it velcroed around her neck..and if her little purse is around, she wants to hold it!

Eric and Leah have a nightly ritual of sitting and watching the cars go by.  Leah gets all excited when one passes, tells him the color and then asks for "more"!

Eric's been working really hard on the dresser we found for Peanut.  We found it at a local antique store that fortunately was overstocked and very willing to negotiate on price.  It was originally a honey maple color.  Eric's stripped and sanded it and now is ready to stain it.  It's going to be a dark espresso to match the rest of the furniture.  
Eric's parents sent him some scratch off tickets for Father's Day, and Leah "helped" him scratch them off. Even when he was done, she wanted to keep scratching...she loved them :)

Leah and I go through her ABCs every day...and she consistently has trouble with a couple letters (G and X are two of them). This time I think she was a little distracted, but it's still cute :)
We saw an adorable advertisement that had a little girl holding her mom's pregnant we tried to duplicate it. Although we did get some cute pics, they can't compare to the advertisement (surprise surprise!). She's taken to kissing my belly lately :)

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