Saturday, June 27, 2009

2nd Birthday Party!

We (finally) threw Leah a birthday party today (only a month late...ooops). They have a park on base that has shade (praise Jesus), a playground and a water splash park....and bathrooms! So it was ideal. In fact, there were a couple other parties going on at the same time. It was a small party, but lots of fun. There were four kids (all girls) who had a good time going in the water and then playing with the sidewalk chalk under the pavilion. We sang the traditional "Happy Birthday" while she gave us a confused look. However, she did blow out her candle...and definitely enjoyed her cupcake!
Enjoying some watermelon before the guests arrived.
Sydney showing her how to color her shoes (instead of coloring her legs).
"Why are they all looking at me and singing a song??"
Blowing out her "2" candle...
She goes right for the icing...licks it off first and then eats the cupcake :)
Sydney after enjoying some sweets...
I was a tad bit late on this picture. Apparently she had cupcake hanging from the other side also and looked like a walrus...or a man with a handlebar mustache.

Eric and Leah with Becky and Sydney..splashing in the (cool) water.
Sidewalk chalk...
Playing with her new Gabba book :)
And with her Build-a-Bear bunny from Katherine...

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