Monday, November 12, 2007

Creeping Towards Christmas

Leah and I met Wendy and her son, Logan, Friday night at the Destin Commons for the tree lighting ceremony. When the 50 ft tree was lit, Leah's eyes got big and very focused. It was so cute to see the look on her face. Santa came in on a firetruck escorted by two motorcycle cops. He hung around later on his designated chair and took some pictures with the kids. We'll probably take Leah for Christmas portraits and her Santa picture in a week or so in order to avoid the long lines. I can't believe Santa is already at our mall!! Maybe I've never thought about it before because I didn't have kids, but it seems so early. We haven't even had Thanksgiving yet!

She's starting to "creep" around and even (very briefly) gets onto her knees and rocks. It amazes me just how far she can move about...and how fast.

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