Saturday, November 10, 2007

"The Best of the Best of the Both...In Love"

Happy anniversary to us! 5 years ago today many of you were with us in that small church on Long Island as we said our vows. We had such a great time and hope you did too! I thought I'd upload some photos to reminisce. Thank you so much to everyone for either helping that day or just supporting really means alot! To Karen and John for hosting the "pre-party" and rehearsal dinner, to my mom for her great manicuring and hairdressing skills, to my dad for keeping me steady walking down the aisle and during our dance, to Sheila and Jim for opening their beautiful home, to our wedding party for everything, to Mitch and Cali for "preparing" the aisle, to Brian for our annual entertainment in rewatching the toast, to all our wonderful friends and family who traveled near or far to share our special day...and to anyone I might have unintentionally neglected to mention. We truly are honored to have you all in our lives!! God bless you and thank you for the love and support!

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linda said...

hi we love seeing all the pics you send..she is getting soooo big and of course she is sooo to all larry,linda and larry jr.