Friday, November 30, 2007

6 Months Old

Leah's six months old today, so apparently she decided it was time for some changes. I put her in her crib for a couple minutes while I took care of something, and when I came back I found her propped on her knees, sucking on the railing. Looks like it's time to drop the mattress a level or two!

We've progressed with the stroller also. She's bored being in the infant carrier/car seat, and has moved on to sitting in the actual stroller. We walked around the mall yesterday, and she had a blast looking at everything. (Much more fun than having to stare at just me while she was in the infant seat). Since she had so much fun, I decided to go shopping again today...stictly for her benefit!

She also decided to sit up on her own. I put her on all fours, left the room and came back to find her sitting up! It's hard to believe that six months ago she was just taking her first breath and now look at all she can do. She is such a blessing!

Does this remind anyone else of an old man with his pants hiked up a bit too much??!
No, not Eric....the baby :)

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