Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Karen and John Visit

Karen and John came to visit last week and we all had a great time. (I must admit that I fully enjoyed the break from the kids...yikes did I say that out loud??) We went to Harry Ts to enjoy the beautiful weather and the breathtaking view. We were pleasantly surprised that they were having bottomless mimosas that day. Giddy up! Let me just say that (all of them) were very yummy!!!

They were also doing a crawfish boil, and John introduced Aine to one of them :)
We also went to the beach to stick our toes in the frigid water. It was a bit windy!
Eric's parents got Leah a new bike for her birthday. She was excited about it at first (especially since it was a princess bike with a princess helmet), but then I think she got a little scared being that high. She rode it for a couple minutes and then wanted to get on her tricycle....

I've never seen her sleeping on her side before. It caught me off-guard.

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