Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hodge Podge

Here are some miscellaneous pictures that I haven't posted yet.

Eric met us at the park on his way home from work one day. Leah loved having him go down the slide with her and was a tad jealous when daddy went with Aine.
Look at that cheesy grin...and butt :)
This is how Eric found her one night...
Racked out in her new spiffy Maclaren stroller (given to us by Dale and Sherrie on our San Antonio visit since their daughter had outgrown it)...sweeeeet :)
Aine and Libby....
Not too sure what to make of the pasta...
Eric put Leah's ponytail holders on Boo's leg. I swear he loves to pester that cat!
Leah looooves playing dress up now. She definitely walks better in those heels than I do :)
Surprise surprise...trying to get into the frig!

We had a scare when Aine went for her 9 month well baby checkup. Her doctor heard a murmur (an "innocent" one) and referred us to Sacred Heart to see a pediatric cardiologist. After an EKG and an echocardiogram, he said she is normal....thank you Jesus!! Here she is looking adorable in her gown...

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