Monday, January 25, 2010

Pretty in Pink

I just realized there's quite a bit of pink in the following pictures. Something with having girls, I suppose. 

The girls and I hanging out in Leah's room after showers. 

Leah decided I needed a blanket, Tommy Turtle and her princess pillow (which she put under me as she held my head up by my hair)
Where are you scooting to Aine??
I put on The Little Mermaid the other day so I could change out my nightstand (Eric got me a reader's nightstand for Christmas, and since it was on just arrived). They were both mesmerized by "Princess Awiwel" aka Princess Ariel.

Look at her crossed legs... :) Amazingly, she's not face-down.
I put on a cloth diaper/training pant before bed. With the inserts in it, it was so big and bulky. I was laughing so hard and poor Leah was crying that she didn't want to wear it. As soon as I took this picture, she went into her room, took it off and put on a Pull-Up!
Eric and Leah enjoying the abundant sunshine.

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