Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Some Fun Clippettes

Hi!  Things are going well here.  Eric just got back from his first presidential detail TDY and had a great time (will post some pics later).  We are gearing up to see the Smittys (and finally meet little Joshua)...although we'll see what Gustav has to say about that.  Leah's amazing (and I'm not just biased :).  We've been teaching her sign language and she's actually communicating with us.  She's able to ask for milk, ask for food...and most important (at least for Eric)...identify airplanes.  She truly is a gift.  God is good!!!

I took this one today and it's one of my new favorites.

One of her latest "tricks"...she loves to clink her sippy to our glasses when we say "cheers".
We taught her how to slurp her sgetti...
Testing out her new car seat before it went into the truck.  She is all smiles in the car now and enjoys looking out the front and side windows.  She's constantly pointing at everything with her trademark "ehhhh?"
She just loves getting in and out of baskets...usually the laundry basket or this one.  In fact she pulled a small one down from her bookshelf and got herself wedged in it....I had to pull her out!
Playing with her "first golf bag" that Nana Kate sent her.  It's too cute.  Has a little ball, club, gopher, and golfer (decked out with matching plaid pants and hat)

Before bath one night we let her run around naked, and she loved it.  She grabbed her kitty cat towel and rolled around on the ground with him...then took to dragging him around the upstairs.  Thoroughly entertaining :)

We were lucky enough to watch Vince and Adrienne's little girl (Sofia) for the day a week or so ago.  It was interesting watching how Leah reacted to the "newbie".  She wanted to be picked up more often (especially when I was feeding Sofia her bottle), but overall was a "little mommy" and was just great.  I have a newfound respect for parents who have children so close together (or twins).  

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