Monday, June 2, 2008

Leah's Birthday Luau

We threw a luau birthday party for Leah on Saturday...although let's face it, the party was really for us! We had a fun floral top and bonnet picked out for her, but my cousin, Sherry, sent up a pink grass skirt for her which was ADORABLE! So she totally looked the part. We are so grateful to have had such a great turnout of friends and family to help us celebrate this special milestone. It was a really great time, and as usual, it went by too quickly. Leah seemed to have a good time, although there were times when she seemed a bit overwhelmed. At one point it seemed like babies were appearing out of thin air....Brent and Becky's son Drew, Chris and Tracy's daughter Katherine, Bobby and Gail's grandson Dante, Vince and Adrienne's daughter Sofia, Mike and Cheryl's son Zach..and the birthday girl (who I can assure you did not appear out of thin air!)

Leah with her cake...

Leah with Sofia...

in her grass skirt...

Becky and I with Drew and Leah (that flower was obnoxiously half the size of my head!)

Gail and Dante....I think the bib is misleading! He is NOT a little man :) He's a big boy (8 pounds heavier and two months younger than Leah)!

Leah and Katherine cooling down on a HOT day...both did well until each independently decided to faceplant and ingest some water!

I tried to capture the was seriously water-logged.

Janice with Leah
Dad (aka Pop-Pop) with my Aunt Sharon
Aunt Sharon, Kate and Al

The birthday girl in her shirt and crown...

Leah wasn't the only one who racked out that night!
I don't know whose great idea it was to put on music at the end of the night and start dancing, but...we did. John and I dancing to Neil Diamond. Aunt Sharon and Karen dancing to...something. I put on Travis Tritt's "Trouble", and Aunt Sharon and I tried to teach Karen "Slappin' Leather" (the only line dance I know...besides the "Electric Slide" of course). She tried to teach me Boot Scootin' Boogie (much to everyone's frustration..."one more time" (20 times later!) Fortunately no one had the foresight to capture that on camera!
A perfectly candid shot :)
Showing off her new "high five" skills for Al...

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Kai-Lin McClintic said...

I can't believe she is already a year old. What a cutie. We miss you guys and hopefully we will be able to meet your precious daughter soon.
The McClintics