Sunday, June 22, 2008

Horine Visit (Foxtrots Together Again)

Pete, Beth and Jackson came to FWB for a friend's wedding. We have never met Jackson (although we feel like we've watched him grow up on the blog). We BBQd at the Buttie "homestead" and enjoyed the company. We (re)met Mary (who was pregnant at the Buttie wedding while I fact her daughter, Amirah, was born three days after Leah), and Anne Marie (who is moving from Omaha to FWB within the next couple weeks). We set up the camera to take a group picture, but unintentionally set it to take continuous shots instead of one shot. None of us were planning on it, thus the laughter when the camera took seven consecutive shots. The kids didn't seem to notice. They did enjoy playing with each other however.

Jackson hitting on Leah...we'll have to keep an eye on this one! Those parents...questionable....!

The new dadas with their beautiful children on Father's Day

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Beth & Pete Horine said...

Questionable parents, eh? Hmmmmn...could go both ways on that one! Thanks for posting! We miss you guys!