Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Orchard

On Sunday one of Eric's friends was passing through England and wanted to meet up in a little restaurant/hangout place called The Orchard. Very, very cool place. We had to wait until the girls awoke from their naps, so we were a little later getting there than we'd intended. We missed him by 5 minutes! Bummer! But we are so in debt to him for telling us about this hidden gem in Cambridge :)

It's an outside hangout, with lounge chairs and tables spread throughout the orchard. You can order tea and desserts and just hang out. While Eric got our yummy snacks and tea, the girls and I took some pictures of ourselves. I wish I'd taken more pictures of the place itself, but I'm sure we'll be back :) Overall, a very lovely day.

Aine and Leah have turned into tea addicts :)

I had so much fun watching Aine try not only to sit up, but to get more cake. The chairs were so reclined, that she was having a hard time. I thought I'd take a video and laugh at her attempts rather than help her :)