Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Trip to Dallas

The girls and I took a short visit to Dallas this past week to see our cousins Donna, Steve and little Liza. We were originally going to drop the van off in Dallas to have it shipped overseas, but now that we have one more stop to make (in Albuquerque), we decided to hold off on the van. It was so great seeing everyone and seeing the amazing strides Liza's made. I think the girls liked each other immediately, although Liza may have been a little overwhelmed by so many new people. It was wonderful seeing Donna and Steve also, of course...but let's face it: once you have kids, they're the focus of people's visits! Thanks guys for letting us crash with you and hang out!

Liza and Aine at the start of our Arboretum journey...both look thrilled :)

I love this mischieveous look :) Hmmm...what can I get into?

The girls were fascinated with the animals. There were goats, chickens, a sheep, a pony and a bunny rabbit at the petting area.

Aine hadn't napped all day (not that I didn't try to get her to....), so by bed time she was MORE than ready. She kept trying to stand up and I wouldn't let her. She eventually managed to do it and slid face down into the tub. She was even less happy than before!

Getting ready for bed.

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