Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Some Little Rock Stuff

Here's Leah helping me try on shoes at Kohl's. She tried on more shoes than I did...and she definitely walked better in the heels!

Aine playing with some of the toys at the upstairs playarea...and enjoying a little light reading.

The base had a Kiddie Day a couple weeks ago. They set up a bunch of toys in a big ballroom and let the kids go to town. Both girls had a fun time. Here's Leah crawling through two tubes she put together to make a long one.

There were about 5 cars and they were definitely the hot commodity.

The Big Cheeseball...

Eric walking the girls to the Hangar so they could play air hockey...

We went to lunch with some friends one Sunday and Leah was fascinated with Julia's gameboy. She was also fascinated with her brother Gavin. Such a flirt!!!

Aine walking through one of the displays at the Museum of Discovery. They were having an Alice in Wonderland had some neat stuff.

Playing with some really funky lego-type toys...this was the most fun part for me that day!

Macy, Aine and Leah in the canoe at one of the displays.

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The Museum of Discovery said...

Thanks so much for visiting the Museum of Discovery! Your pictures are just darling. We hope to see you again soon? By the way, Booby is hilarious!