Monday, March 29, 2010

Tallahassee Visit

Since the girls and I had some time to kill, we decided to break up the monotony and headed to Tally for a quick visit. We went to see my friend, Debbie. Unfortunately it was too short of a visit (we got there around 1130 on Saturday and left early Sunday morning), but it was well worth the drive. It was great catching up with Debbie and her mom...and well worth watching Leah play with her son, Sebastian. When I told her Friday night we were going to see Sebastian the next day, so thought I meant the crab from the Little Mermaid! (haha) So I said, "No, it's a different Sebastian.". So the rest of the evening and Saturday morning she told me we were going to see a "different Bastian". :) The girls travelled well...and if I never hear Elmo and Barney again, I'll be quite happy! Leah and Sebastian played with fingerpaints (and their clothes prove it!), bounced in his bounce house and took a bath together (yikes! :) )

Deb lives across from a beautiful lake with a path encircling it. We walked down to the park; although Sebastian pedaled his scooter. Leah really liked it and took to it quickly. Who knows, we may have just discovered her next birthday present!
Here she is trying to catch up with "Bastian"

She was is a total daze...frozen like this for a while :)
With Deb's mom on the front stoop...
More zoning out to some show...

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