Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Very Buttie Weekend

We had a great weekend. On Friday we went to Steve's promotion ceremony (he pinned on Lt Col) and were able to see some old friends there (including Pete who was in town for the weekend). We got to see Steve's brother and sister-in-law, his parents, and MarCi's parents. Leah enjoyed playing with the kids and running around. Then on Saturday we were lucky enough to see Steve and MarCi renew their vows at their church which was followed by a promotion party at their house. On Sunday we got to hang with Pete for a bit. It was a really nice time. 

Sleeping beauty...
My favorite people...
She definitely looks deep in thought!

MarCi's mom knit this beautiful blanket for Aine (she had also blessed us with one for Leah).
Leah playing with Jordan and Jonah (Steve and MarCi's niece and nephew). They had a blast chasing each other around after the promotion ceremony and at the Buttie "estate". It was adorable to watch!

A family shot.

Petey Pete...aka Foxtrot with Aine.  Or as Leah refers to him: "my Pete"
The big sister at work...

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The Horines said...

Love the blog...and the fact you got Pete holding Aine! Her announcement is beautiful, too! We miss you guys!