Sunday, August 23, 2009

First Week Back to Work

This was Eric's first week back to work since Aine was born, and we all managed relatively well (surprisingly). Although I had quite a bit of help from Barney (you know, the extremely annoying purple dinosaur!) Aine was still in night owl mode...wide awake until about 12/1 I wasn't quite getting my full beauty sleep (don't know if I'll ever catch up with that though :) ). When Leah woke up, I'd get her a sippy with juice and a bowl of cheerios, bring it in bed with me and put on Barney (multiple times). Not that I like finding cheerios in bed, but I did what I had to. We worked very hard on keeping Aine up quite a bit throughout the day, and it seems to be working. She now goes down around 9 and wakes up around 2:30/3 and again around 6 (definitely more doable that getting to sleep at 1:30 only to get up a couple hours later.) God is very good to help us shift her schedule!!! This was the week (5th) Leah started sleeping through the night (and we're openly encouraging Aine to beat her sister...let the sibling competition begin!) I go for my 6-week checkup this week...can't believe it's already been 6 weeks. Time goes so fast! 

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