Saturday, May 9, 2009

Making Cupcakes for Daddy

Leah and I made cupcakes Thursday morning for Eric.  She really enjoyed doing each task: putting in the liners, adding the eggs, water and oil, mixing the batter, and of course...putting the batter into the liners.  When we were done, she kept asking to do more. My attempts at explaining there wasn't anything else to do was futile.  "More, more, more...". Tracy and I iced them (as that might have been quite a chocolate mess...and right before we left to pick up the guys).  She also really enjoyed EATING one of them last night with her Daddy :)

Can you tell which ones I did and which ones Leah did?  Hopefully you can :)

Moving in for a chocolate kiss...
Katherine was our first taste tester...she seemed to enjoy it also:)

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