Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Busy Week

Eric's been home a little over a week now, and he's had a pretty busy one!  Of course he has his honey-do list :) , but we've done some shopping, playing in the sprinklers, getting Leah's hair cut and hanging out at the beach.  

We joined Chris, Tracy and Katherine at the beach (actually it was the bay...which was perfect because it was warmer, calmer and more shallow) and had a really relaxing day. Leah had some snacks, but loved the doritos the best (and her orange goatee proved it).  She had a blast shoveling sand into her bucket, walking in the water and being thrown in the air by Eric.

Eric was taking Leah for a walk one evening and forgot he'd put the sprinklers on.  Leah thought it was an invitation to go running through them.  In fact at one point, she thought Eric should join her and "dragged" him in. At one point she stopped and waved to the sprinklers :)

These boots are made for walking...
Eric and I at Vintij for a delayed birthday dinner.   It was sooooo yummy.  The picture under this one was my birthday dinner there when I was pregnant with Leah (I'm about the same stage in both photos)... 

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