Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Years with Pop-Pop and Nana Kate

Dad and Kate came to stay with us for a couple days and spent New Years with us.  It was a great visit, but too short.  Leah definitely enjoyed seeing them, and was thrilled to say "Pop-Pop, Pop-Pop, etc" again.  She even started saying Nana to Kate.  We had a low key New Years: chilled out, drank wine (well not all of us :( , ate snacks for dinner, enjoyed a fire in the fire pit, and stayed up to see the ball drop.  Dad, Eric and Kate went golfing the next day while Leah and I caught up on some much-needed sleep!  We had another fire New Years day and let Leah stay up a little late to enjoy it.  She was completely mesmerized!

Now it's time for bed, and she's giving out her little sugar kisses...

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