Thursday, January 29, 2009

Finishing the Bedroom

Hi all.  We've been pretty busy the last couple weeks.  We've decided to move the guest room that was upstairs to downstairs.  That way we could use the old guest room for the new baby.  It was quite a process.  (We had a lot of "stuff" in the downstairs office).  But it's finally done, and we really like it!  The next project is to get the upstairs bedroom ready.  

Curious as usual, Boo investigated the mattress and then 'supervised' from atop his hill.
Doesn't everyone eat their grapes like this??
Not only does she sleep in interesting positions, but she's funny in the morning too!
Leah and Eric making funny faces....right before the glass of milk was spilled...oops.
Leah serving up tea for Boo...

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