Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Independence Day!

Hi all! Our elderly neighbor puts flags out along our road on certain holidays (4th, Memorial Day, Veteran's Day) and it looks so nice. Eric and I kept saying we needed to take a picture, but keep forgetting, so this year Eric went out the other night and took some pics before we had a chance to forget.

We went to the FWB Landing this afternoon to see the festivities and both wished we'd decided to attempt to stay for the fireworks since Leah was doing so well. It was such a nice evening. We came home and grilled some chicken and zucchini and decided to light some sparklers and a "tank". Leah was completely unimpressed. In fact she was more interested in the leaves than the fireworks...oh well. Maybe next year!

We checked on her before going to bed the other night, and she was sleeping so cute....
We put up some new gates at the tops and bottoms of the stairs. Leah loves to swing the gate, sit on the first step and then pull the gate onto herself. She racked herself in the face once, but was so interested in the gate that she didn't even bother crying.

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