Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pop-Pop, Aunt Sharon and Uncle Frank Visit

My Dad, Aunt Sharon and Uncle Frank came up from WPB for a couple days while Aunt Sharon met with her "accountant friends" :) It was a quick but great visit. We managed to squeeze in quite a bit of stuff in 2 days. We went to hospitality night to meet and greet with the group, had lunch at Lucky Snapper, went on a sunset dolphin cruise, and Dad got to get Leah her first pair of sneakers.

A turtle was crawling across our lawn Sunday, so we took Leah outside to see it. She's pointing at everything now. Once he went into his shell, we turned it around and let her touch the shell.

We had lunch with Aunt Sharon's group at the Lucky Snapper so she could get her fix of their yummy cheese bisquits. We hung out on the deck beforehand, and Leah entertained us by dancing on the table. Let's hope she got that out of her system....

We walked Leah around to show her all the fish one of the deep sea fishing boats had brought in. She pointed at the fish and probably would have touched them if I'd let her. Then a "pirate" came by and made her a balloon turtle (which she proceeded to try to eat).

We had a wonderful cruise and saw lots of dolphins. Some came up right alongside the boat. Leah did great even though we were out past her bed time. She was much more interested in the birds than the dolphin.

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