Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Glad To Be Home

We're back from West Palm, and it feels so great to sleep in our own bed and have our own stuff. We had a really great time visiting family, but we were definitely ready to be home.

Nana Kate dropping us off at the airport; Leah and Eric "inspecting" our plane; Leah enjoying her window seat lap...

We met my Aunt Sharon and cousin Jillian at the park so they could meet again. The video of Jillian hugging Leah is too sweet.

We also were able to see my cousin Cynthia before we left. Leah was enthralled with her and very interested in getting in her purse! My other cousins, Al and Janice, came over later that night for a quick visit after getting back from Costa Rico. Leah did not want Janice to put her down!

She loves her swing. Her feet kick like crazy as soon as she sees it. Eric took some video of her laughing again in it.

One of her latest..."tricks" feeding daddy her food...
Our karate-chopping, Dancing Queen....
Our pear tree had an insane amount of flowers in bloom when we came home from Albuquerque. Lots of pears this year....

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