Sunday, March 23, 2008

Ponderosa Winery

While Karen and John were in town, we went to a little winery a couple miles down the road from Lynne and Gary's. They had a pretty good selection and a couple were actually quite good. We were given a list of wines with some comments next to each. Eric noticed one of them said "grapes crushed by ugly virgins with big feet under a full moon". Cute :) There were three dogs running around the place (one was huge, the second average, and the third a little ankle biter)...these seemed to interest Leah the most. The winemaker came out and chatted with us for a while, telling us he mostly grows resisling grapes. He sells more than half of that harvest and buys the other grape varieties from other NM wineries.

Eric and Leah in front of the reisling grapes

Leah showing off her new talent...waving.

Gramps and Leah inspecting the grounds.

Mama giving Leah a little taste (just kidding)...Leah was trying to get it though!

Passed asleep...on the ride home. What's in her sippy cup that she has such a death grip on it?

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