Sunday, March 2, 2008

ABQ and the Sandia Tramway

Pop-Pop and Nana Kate showed up here at Kirtland Saturday night and have enjoyed their time with Leah. Leah enjoyed their company so much she just couldn't get to sleep....all night. Everyone was just a little tired for the trip up to the top of the Sandia mountain. Leah has had quite a few "firsts" this weekend; dad and her went to the park and she crawled around on the grass and played with leafs and twigs next she rode in the worlds longest cable car and finally got to "play" with some snow and her first snowball. Pop-Pop and dad got to hit some golf balls and looked at some new golf clubs...can you say 'Dangerous'...SEND MONEY! All in all it's been a busy, fun and sleepless weekend.
Currently we have 3 more weeks here in New Mexico and are looking forward to seeing Cousins Gary, Lynne, (Annie too) Mama and Gramps as well as "Uncle" Jeff and "Aunt" Laura! The weather this weekend has shown a 50 degree difference from Saturday to Sunday (74-24).

Alright, seriously this kid almost makes daddy look good!

Where's my COFFEE!!!

This is the scene from the top of Sandia looking to the East...snow base for the skiiers was 42 inches. Dad thought Leahs "Bucket" would make a great sleigh...thankfully cooler heads prevailed.

Here we are with Pop-Pop and Nana Kate.

Here we are on the top of Sandia...hence the sign. It was a blistering 18 degrees with 30 mph winds!

My first snowball!!! You know this had to be dads idea.

The "view" from the top.

Coming down! Breaking through the clouds.

The bus driver.

Pop-Pop giving Leah some water!

This is the first time Leah had seen snow. The videos say it all.

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