Monday, October 1, 2007

TDY to Little Rock

Well, we're back from a TDY to Little Rock, and it's great to be home! We had a nice time in Arkansas and really enjoyed Eric's parents' visit. We all had a good time (although I don't think John was prepared for our lack of TV...especially with the Yankees playing). We squeezed in a quick trip to New York to visit Eric's family and attend his friend, Puma's, wedding. Leah got to meet her cousins and her only great-grandparent, "Great Mama Jama". She's a good little traveler, and I enjoyed the help from Karen and John (who were on the same flight). While we were in NY, she rolled over (from her back to tummy) for the first time, and now she's flipping over like a champ. She's getting so big and is just a blast to be around! I'll try to update regularly with new info, pictures and video. Enjoy!

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